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Speculate on the raw materials driving the global economy. Sign up to trade CFDs on energy markets like Oil and Gas, metals like gold and silver, and soft commodities like corn and cocoa.

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Why Trade Commodity CFDs with 4xvc.com

  • Access numerous CFDs on spot and futures Commodity markets, plus commodity stocks and ETFs with the same account
  • Spreads as low as 0.5 on Gold
  • Our CFDs on futures are continuous contracts that do not expire. We will automatically roll your positions

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Ways to Trade Commodity CFDs

Commodity CFDs - A CFD account will allow you to trade online, accessing a range of spot and futures commodity markets, as well as commodity stocks and ETFs.

Commodity CFDs stocks & ETFs

You can trade on a range of commodity stocks like mines and ETFs linked to commodity markets such as GLD with the same CFD account.

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Is delivery of commodities available?


No, we do not offer delivery as CFDs do not entitle traders to underlying assets. CFDs allow investors to speculate on the price movements of commodities, but they do not represent ownership of those commodities. The benefits of trading commodities with CFDs are that without owning the underlying asset you can benefit from better flexibility, liquidity and lower costs.

Can I check when my CFD on Futures position will be rolled over?


To ensure that you're well-informed about your trades, you can easily locate the rollover date for each CFD by visiting its respective asset class page on the 4xvc.com website. Rollover means switching to a new futures CFD contract - it can affect the underlying contract's value and expiry date. It's crucial to be mindful of the rollover date for each CFD on Futures as it can significantly impact your trading outcomes.

Can I trade with you on my mobile?


Yes, you can trade on the go by downloading the 4xvc.com mobile app from your device’s app store. Or, alternatively, you can access the web app through your mobile’s browser.

What are your trading hours?


The trading hours vary depending on the type of instrument. You may view a full list of them here: https://4xvc.com//global-en/trading-hours Opening or Closing times may also be altered by markets.com due to liquidity and risk management considerations.