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Indices CFDs

Trade on the world’s biggest stock markets 24/5 with the most powerful tools, lower spreads and expert analysis.

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Why trade Indices CFDs at 4xvc.com

  • Take a position on the stock markets one of the world’s major economies
  • Go long or short depending on your view of the stock market
  • Low spreads from 1pt

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Ways to Trade Indices

Trade CFDs - A CFD account will allow you to trade indices like the Dow Jones, FTSE 100 and much more.

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Are indices credited/debited with cash dividends?


If a cash index is price-weighted, we will add cash dividends into your account. Accounts holding long positions will be credited with the dividend and accounts holding short positions will be debited with the dividend.

Can I check when my CFD on Futures position will be rolled over?


To ensure that you're well-informed about your trades, you can easily locate the rollover date for each CFD by visiting its respective asset class page on the 4xvc.com website. Rollover means switching to a new futures CFD contract - it can affect the underlying contract's value and expiry date. It's crucial to be mindful of the rollover date for each CFD on Futures as it can significantly impact your trading outcomes.

How do I start trading Indices?


You can start trading CFDs on Indices by signing up to 4xvc.com and using either our desktop platform or mobile app.

Why trade indices with 4xvc.com?


Get exposure to an entire sector or market with a single position
- Competitive spreads
- Most of our indices trade around the clock
- We offer both spot and future CFD indices
- If an index is price-weighted, we will add cash dividends into your account