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Pro-level trading in a beginner-friendly trading platform

Whether you’re at your desk or on the move, you can buy or sell financial instruments using the secure 4xvc.com online trading platform. Our goal is to help you become a more confident, decisive trader by giving you all the insights and analysis you need to make more informed trading decisions.

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When you open a trading account with 4xvc.com, you’ll get:


Trading tools to suit different experience levels.

From our beginner-friendly platform right through to elite platforms, wherever you are in your trading journey, we’ve got all the tools to help you.


financial commentary.

Our analysts have appeared on BBC, Bloomberg and CNBC. In the 4xvc.com platform, you get access to their commentary and analysis before anyone else.


Market sentiment analysis.

Unsure about a particular trade? You don’t need to decide alone. See in real-time whether your fellow traders are bearish or bullish.


To see what the financial market is really telling you?

Where are the hedge funds buying and selling? What do Wall Street’s top analysts think of your trade? Are employee shareholders in a company buying up stock or getting rid of it? Get the real story.


To trade like a legend.

Our ‘guru’ give you the chance to trade like legends such as Warren Buffet or Carl Icahn… with just a couple of clicks.


Trade alert.

Time to buy? Time to sell? Get alert notifications delivered direct to your mobile, so you never miss the price moves that matter.


Risk management tools.

Cut losses quickly using our suite of risk-management tools, and let your trades run with our suite of risk-management tools.


Trading calculators.

Position size. Margin. Potential returns. Work out all the details of your trade before you place it, so when you execute, you do so with certainty.


And more.

Our platform has been trusted by more than 4,300,000 traders since 2014. Now it’s your turn to try it out.

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Execute trades quickly and decisively no matter where you are.

Don’t miss out on trading at the right time, just because you’re on the move. Tablet, desktop, mobile… it's all covered. Make the trades you need to make, when you need to make them. The 4xvc won’t wait. You shouldn’t have to, either.

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Can I convert currencies using my 4xvc.com account?


Yes. You can locate a currency converter on 4xvc.com Web Platform. Every single FX pair has a Converter where you can convert between the base and quote currency.

Can I trade FX CFDs on any platform offered by 4xvc.com?


Yes, we offer major and minor FX pairs on our Trading Platform.

What is the difference between base and quote currency?


The base currency is the first currency in a currency pair, it represents how much of that currency is needed to buy one unit of the quote currency - which is the second currency in the pair. For example, USD/GBP quotes how much USD is needed to buy a single GBP.

Is Forex CFD trading the same as Forex trading?


No, Forex CFD trading involves trading contracts for difference (CFDs) based on the foreign exchange market, while traditional forex trading involves buying and selling actual currency pairs.