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Can I convert currencies using my markets.com account?


Yes. You can locate a currency converter on markets.com Web Platform. Every single FX pair has a Converter where you can convert between the base and quote currency.

Can I trade FX CFDs on any platform offered by markets.com?


Yes, we offer major and minor FX pairs on all our platforms, MT4, MT5 and our markets.com Trading Platform.

What is the difference between base and quote currency?


The base currency is the first currency in a currency pair, it represents how much of that currency is needed to buy one unit of the quote currency - which is the second currency in the pair. For example, USD/GBP quotes how much USD is needed to buy a single GBP.

Is Forex CFD trading the same as Forex trading?


No, Forex CFD trading involves trading contracts for difference (CFDs) based on the foreign exchange market, while traditional forex trading involves buying and selling actual currency pairs.


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